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Invitation wording follows one of three patterns (see Invitation wording options), according to who is issuing the invitation: bride’s parents, both sets of parents, or the couple themselves. All are acceptable; please choose only one format to submit to us, whichever is relevant to your situation. We’ve provided some alternative levels of formality too.

Invitation wording options

You may use the Word template below, which is provided to help you include all the relevant details, or you can submit your own wording. We will advise you if the length exceeds the space available!

Invitation template

Guest List (includes names for invitations)
Envelope Address List
The ‘Guest List spreadsheet is for those who want their guests’ names printed. It has an extra column for this. The envelope address spreadsheet is for those who would just like us to print their envelopes. You’re welcome to download these even if you don’t use the services, but if you do, please populate the list in the correct format. Examples and instructions are provided at the top of each. We recommend you do not send us your list until it’s finalised. We’ll advise you when printing of your order is scheduled and from that point we cannot accept any late additions or amendments. You should always order several spares with blank envelopes.


DL flat Order of Proceedings card
A4 folded Order of Proceedings card

DL flat menu
A5 flat menu

Place cards list

Seating list

Guest List for place cards and seating